Seriously, I couldn’t believe my eyes as I was scrolling through the images of this apartment for sale in Gothenburg, Sweden.


At one point, I got to the image of the kitchen, and gasped for air, it was all too overwhelming. This apartment is styled exactly, and I mean to a T, to how I would love my future apartment to look like. Just superb.

The first item that captured my attention was the polka dot cushions, I am loving polka dots at the moment, especially when accessorised in such monochrome block colours – these cushions just work perfectly in such a toned down bedroom, with the black dots accentuating the feature downlights, and bringing out the grey painted walls.

I also love the white tiled kitchen against the black benchtop, so striking.

I just cannot make a decision on what favourite photos to post, so I am going to post them all! Enjoy!

st10   SFD94C8460380464C44A709BAFFDD871D7A_800x800 SFD9675313B34874833846D1F976E675BE3_800x800

st1 st3  st4

st7 st6 SFDB29875B41D614FC8BE1D09EF2DDE19BB_800x800

SFDC46B0534265C4F0EB325961092EC8DE4_800x800 SFDB8F94A34071C4EEAACACAE70771BE576_800x800  SFD924FFB9812CC495EB10BBF2D379D07C2_800x800

st8 SFDF528B3BF2AB8475C83AF9E0D761A7B69_800x800 SFD8072935244F24E509CB66C6AD4942088_800x800

SFDE442DF4D1B6F4B8AA5858DC509A23677_800x800 SFDDDBCB9316F974A46B98A5293B3B6CA51_800x800 SFDE50D841D6161425B8EEB577EE7422142_800x800

See what I mean….. just perfect!

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