Today in my morning blog scroll I stumbled across this exceptional home by Paul de Ruiter Architects. The home, named Villa V is located in Bloemendaal, The Netherlands.

The first thing that stood out for me was the use of timber throughout the house, and after reading a little more I learnt it was made of Waxewood Sustainable Timber, and that only natural materials have been used in the house. The structure and design of the house is superb, both the norterly and southerly sides of the first floor are made of glass to create warmth and ambience, and the easterly and westerly sides have been made from sustainable, coloured timber to create more of a closed feel.

I also love the interior finishes and furnishings used throughout, and not to mention the stainless steel staircase! Such a feature, I love it.









51945831b3fc4b3741000179_villa-v-paul-de-ruiter-architects_pdr1154-528x791House information and specs from ArchDaily.
Architects: Paul de Ruiter Architects
Location: Bloemendaal, The Netherlands
Project Architect: Paul de Ruiter
Project Leader: Chris Collaris
Area: 489 sqm
Year: 2011
Photographs: Tim Van de Velde
Structural Engineer: Quinten R. Wildeboer
Contractor: Scholz Groep, IJmuiden
Interior Architect: i29 interior architects (i.c.w. Paul de Ruiter Architects)
Landscape Architect: Kamsteeg Tuinen