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My friends always say to me I have the ‘travel bug’, all I dream about when I am sitting at my desk working away is travelling.

Every day I receive emails from travel companies with specials and I always open them to see what the latest holiday destination is. To be completely honest, if I had the money I would be on a plane today flying to a new destination!

I have travelled a fair bit, have been to Europe twice visiting Spain, Italy, France, United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Greece, Poland, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, Ireland and have also been to North America and Mexico. Out of those, my favourite place would have to be Germany. I loved it, and I guess that’s where my love for Danish Design really went to the next level!!

What’s next… Scandinavia for sure! I am dying to get to Norway, Sweden and Finland! And maybe while I am at it hit up Croatia & Turkey! Summer extravaganza – I think I better start planning this trip!

One problem I always have after a holiday is the best way to display the photos from the trip, I used to have a photo wall with favourite pictures, but it tired and I got over looking at the memories – I guess it was frustrating because all I wanted to do when I looked at the photos was go back!! So I have turned my interest to capturing the places I have visited using world maps throughout the home – I think it’s quirky, and it’s exciting to look at the map because then you have the opportunity to look at all the places you haven’t been to yet!!!

I have collected some of my favourite world map home images below – I think my favourite would have to be the pins in the places you’ve been! Very cute!

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