Over the weekend I went on search for some gorgeous vintage tiles, I wanted to get a different mix together and create a little mosaic feature wall in my bedroom.

I didn’t really know where to start looking in Perth, after travelling the world and visiting various weekend markets, flea stores, opshops and so on – it’s quite clear we don’t have the volume and variety of eclectic vintage finds over here! Don’t get me wrong I love Perth, but when it comes to searcing for quirky, unique, vintage finds, someone is having a laugh and ripping you off!!

What I did find though was A LOT of inspiration on the internet, and I have shared some images below. At the moment my bedroom is a white blank canvas, it needs some colour and I love the idea of a tiled mosaic wall. I want to create it on some thin plywood so I can transfer it, when I get bored of having something in my room I want to be able to move it to the hallway/living room and so on!

If anyone has any fabulous websites where I can purchase some rustic vintage tiles, please feel free to share the love! Any help would be totally appreciated!

PS – Cannot believe it’s Monday again already, and that Christmas decorations are up in Department Stores. What is going on!!!