Well this week for my weekly product finds I am bringing you all things kitchen!! It’s not a place I spend a lot of time, but as I am getting older I am starting to experiment a little, both with food ingredients and presentation!

Every morning I wake up and make a smoothie in my fabulous Aladdin plastic tumbler 31hsg8Q6iRL__SY450_

Although maybe it’s time to mix it up a little! I stumbled across these gorgeous porcelain cups on Pinterest the other day, they would be perfect for an iced coffee, or a good smoothie in the morning. Aren’t they just super cute!

Then, as I was pinning like a crazy woman, I came across the worlds most GORGEOUS cup of tea holder. I love a good cuppa, it totally hits the spot in the afternoon when you hit that 3pm low, and this is just the most adorable way to serve my tea. Imagine a cheeky little biscuit (Kensington of course!) on the side. Perrrrrfeecct!!!!

It was like my day on Pinterest was never going to end, well I mean this does happen quite often because let’s be honest, it’s totally addictive. After ooing and aahing over pretty porcelain cups and stylish tea servers, I found the perfect wine glass for me! I work in a pretty stressful job, so when I get home nothing hits the spot quiet like a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon! And in this baby, gosh it would make me giggle like I had already had 4 glasses! This is a must have, in every household!!!

So there you have it, three liquid satisfying purchases to soothe anyones bad night sleep, crappy 3 pm blues or desperate post work wine fix!!! I know which one is on top of my list (the wine of course people!)