So I live in Perth, and let’s just say it’s the baby city. The youngest one in the family. We are a little behind our older brothers & sisters (Melbourne, Sydney etc). In saying this though, a younger generation brings new fresh ideas, and with the help of GEN Y’s technology knowledge, word spreads faster than ever before! What I am trying to get at is that there is opportunities in Perth, people are ready for innovative concepts, ideas, designs and new ways of spreading great things.

Concept Stores. There’s an opportunity, and it’s something i would jump at. We have homewares stores, we have coffee stores, we have cool fashion stores.. but why is there no outlet that combines all of these to create one hell-of-an-experience for the consumer.

There’s a shop called DOM, I first found it when I was travelling through Amsterdam, and then when I spent 2 months in Berlin I found another… I think I went into this shop every second day, I was in love. And that’s where my passion for a creative store, homewares, lifestyle and creativity really stemmed from.

Then, when I was in New York a few months back, I stumbled across the most gorgeous concept store, ALL GOOD THINGS. It had great coffee (which is what got me in the door!), a florist, an Oyster bar, a patisserie, a small quirky homewares/kitchen store and a wine bar. Obviously this was dedicated to food lovers, but the idea, design, layout and atmosphere was just perfect. I also fell in love with the interior, it was rustic, open and miss-matched, which really worked. Each store obviously have their own design ideas, so that’s what they decided to showcase. It was brilliant, innovative and fun. Why can’t we have something similar here in Perth?

This got me thinking. And planning. And drawing… and like I usually do, stalking the internet in search of other great concept stores around the world! Check out Hotel Droog it’s a store in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I wish I had the chance to visit this shop when I was travelling around Europe, maybe when I get around to that Scandinavia holiday i can just add this to the list….

All Good Things Market, New York
Brent Herrig © 2012

Hotel Droog, Amsterdam

Urban Outfitters, UK & USA

Melrose Market Place, Seattle