Do you ever have that moment where you see an image and you are instantly drawn to it. Like you are scrolling through on your phone and then … BAM! You scroll back, take another look and then get this overwhelming obsession to find more.


Well. That happened to me today. I stumbled across the above epic photo, and was instantly drawn to those soft back camel leather chairs! They are stunning, and I am dying to know how I can get my hands on some (please help)!!

After doing a bit more searching, I soon learnt this was the new coffee shop from Sunkland, a design concept team from Melbourne… This little gem is called “Common Galaxia”. This design duo already have a very successful coffee shop “Dead Man Espresso” which also has a great interior fit out.


Favourite features of this delight include the tones used, I just can't go past an oak wood/concrete floor/subway tiles & matte black decor. Throw in some fresh flowers & creative carpentry and you've got me, hook line & sinker! This interior to me is faultless, creative, simple and practical for a cafe.



Images courtesy & the weekly review x