Over my years of searching the internet obsessing over housing, interiors, textures, architecture and style have I ever seen a home that truly executes each tick box. Until now.

Meet the Merrick Beach House, aka the Australian Dream. This masterpiece is nestled in the seaside village on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria.

Seriously – this house is like a dream. It’s one of those places that you look at and go ‘What, I can’t believe people live there, it’s incredible’. You know those homes that you think are just ‘setup’ for photo shoots. I remember taking a class through Real Living Magazine a couple of years ago and asking head designer Jacinta Preston how much re-work goes into the home photo shoots. . . her response was honest, saying some homes need a lot of attending too, and others are just perfect as is.

This is one of those homes. Perfect. Photographed by my new favourite photographer, Brooke Holm and styled by the talented Marsha Golemac.

I don’t think words can explain this house – it’s all visual. But I just love how different the styles are. The exterior looks like a modern, monochrome architectural wonder piece. Then when you open the door it’s this 50’s colour pop palette set on an all-white backdrop.

And that kitchen…. I would just want to be in there all day in a vintage floral apron baking muffins from a Julia Childs cookbook!

This would have to be the most incredible home I have ever seen. I am in awe of the creativity and execution. It’s exceptional.
Photo credit thanks to Brooke Holm.