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I am, if you haven’t noticed on my Instagram before, quite a fan of Nordic/Scandinavian Designs. I am drawn to the cleanliness of their designs, it’s the white simplicity that captures me in each time.
As I was searching through Pinterest the other day, I came across an image of the most gorgeous table I have ever seen, white with clean timber frames. It was just perfect, and something I hadn’t seen before. I searched and searched for more images, and to find out who the designer was. Introducing…

RUIJCH. WOW. It’s like a young, modern Muuto. DREAM.

After doing some research I found out that Ruijch are a relatively new and young brand, founded in 2010. They’ve collaborated with several Dutch designers to create the perfect collection. They originally began only producing cabinets and tables (which, are fantastic!) but have expanded focus and are now featuring dining chairs and benches (which, are ALSO fantastic!).

I can’t get enough of these designs, maybe it’s just the white and wood combination that sucks me in.. but I think it’s just perfection.




See more here, at the Ruijch website.
And thanks to Nordic Days for introducing this luscious brand to me!