Wow. Talk about stopping me in my tracks. This baby just took my breath away…It’s been a while since I have posted, and I actually think it’s been the combination of a busy life getting the better of me, and a lack of creativity and inspiration.

I still check my favourite blogs, websites, Instagram pages & Pinterest every morning, however it’s so much of the same that I am a little stuck for inspiration. Then the other day, this baby appeared on my screen. What an absolute delight!

This glorious house, known to many as Hawthorn House, is the work of architectural genius Andrew Mellios from AM Architecture. It’s located in Melbourne’s Inner-east, surrounded by Edwardian and Victorian brick houses.

The house had been renovated several times before, deconstructing the natural flow of the house walls and removing the ability to focus the house around the natural north facing light. Andrew took the brief, and worked with his trusting clients to gut rooms, remove walls, and rebuild the back extension of the house.





Favourites for me inside this beautiful home would have to be the combination of the Calacatta Marble in the bathrooms & kitchen, married perfectly with the warm toned blackout timer. I also love the use of the vertical blackout panels to separate room areas without breaking the natural light and feeling of open space. The use of timber (floor to ceiling) creates such an atmosphere and ultra cool space.

I also absolutely love the artwork used throughout, in particular the 2009 creation of Robert Hollingworth; That fair via lactea hanging above the magnificent dining table. Check out Robert’s work here







Thanks to Brett Seakins over at ArchitectureAU for the words… As always, a wonderfully creative and articulate contributor to ArchitectureAU.


PS – If anyone knows where the gorgeous bulb pendant light hanging over the round table is from – please share :) Thanks!