So I have recently purchased a home! I know, what the heck. All of a sudden, all of these interiors I have been dreaming of for years are becoming a reality – although now that I have a mortgage I have to be a little cost-savvy! Danish Design, after all, isn’t exactly affordable for a first home buyer!

What I am going to share with you each Friday is a snapshot of products I have found that I love, and that I would dream to have in my own home. I’ll also continue to try showcase pieces that are affordable and timeless.

This week, I have some classics.

1. Willmann Vases from Menu
I have had my eyes on these for a while, they are the perfect vase. Not only is the mix of concrete + glass just the perfect combination, but the style, design and size of these vases are perfect.

2. Hope + CSA Pitcher & Tumblers
Oh yeah. That’s the thought process when you find a pitcher and tumblers as practical as these. Great design, perfect size, nothing fancy – just simple, elegant glasses for enjoying a glass of Shiraz on a Friday (Saturday, Sunday etc) at the end of the day! So classic.

3. Craft Salt & Pepper Shakers from Normann Copenhagen

Okay, so maybe these aren’t exactly cost effective and practical for the first home, but I loovveee them! The wood and marble is such a brilliant combination, and they just look so pretty for S&P shakers. I know 95% of people who come around probably wouldn’t notice what S&P shakers you use, but for the 5% that does, the level of appreciation for pure design would be so welcomed! And make the investment totally worthwhile!!

So, that’s the weekly wants in a nutshell. My new little home is going to be small, so I will be on the hunt for ideas, products and design tips that help to enhance the size of a small apartment and keep the living concept open and comfortable. Any great websites that you know of, or tips & tricks – please send my way.

happy weekend everyone!