I am about to move into my first home, I purchased a little unit that’s so small I don’t even know where to begin when purchasing furniture. I keep saying to myself, less is more, but then I think about all the things I need (& already own) and wonder how on earth I am going to fit it all in!

As you can imagine, the internet searches ‘storage for small spaces’, ‘how to live simply’, ‘essential items for a small home’ are daily – and its on the odd occasion I find something that really brings inspiration to me!

This Swedish home, on first look it’s light, open, comfortable and most importantly spacious. They still incorporate a sizeable couch, coffee table & rug, and a dining table turned study desk. I also love the use of the open windows (especially those frames) in the house – it opens all of the rooms….  Its hard to believe when looking at these photos that this apartment is only 38 metres squared!

I need some help – my kitchen & living area is one big rectangle, if anyone has any great tips or ideas for separating the rooms – please comment below! Thanks :)






















Photos thanks to My Scandinavian Home