This beautiful stone cottage by Patterson Associates provides a remote honeymoon retreat on the rugged coast of a New Zealand peninsula.

Seascape Retreat is a luxury villa located on the Banks Peninsula, an outcrop south of Christchurch formed from the eroded remnants of two large volcanoes. Auckland-based architect Andrew Patterson has designed the cottage, tucked away under the foot of one of the peninsula’s rolling hills.

Making the design unique and tranquil, the walls are made from chunks of rock quarried from near the site, while its concrete roof is covered in turf, helping to camouflage the property from the hills above (genius)!

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The main living areas – bedroom, open living and lounge are enhanced by the use of natural elements including stone, timber and rock – and surrounded wholeheartedly by sun filled light beaming through the glazed windows. In the bathroom, a tub is positioned in front of a narrow sea-facing glazed door that connects with the terrace.

The design and interior of this cottage evokes a sense of calm, romance and peace – what more could you want on your honeymoon ;)


Photography is by Simon Devitt.
Story originally found on DEZEEN.